Catalogue of Requirements

Catalogues of Requirements

The Catalogues of Requirements are based on the clinical guidelines, supplemented by recent research results not yet part of the guidelines or refer to structural requirements, e. g., technical infrastructure. Some of these requirements refer to specific structures that need to be provided (like staff with the specific expertise), whereas others refer to the standard operating procedures or processual performance as described in the clinical guidelines and are translated into quality indicators, many of which have targets that need to be reached.

Hence, the Catalogues of Requirements and the data sheets for the different tumour entities summarize all technical and medical requirements and are the foundation for the certification of the ECC Programme.

Currently Catalogues of Requirement and data sheets are available for the following tumour entities:

Breast cancer

Colorectal cancer

Gynaecological cancer

Lung cancer

Neuro-oncology cancer

Prostate cancer

Skin cancer

Catalogues of Requirements exist for several other tumour entities and can be made available upon request.

Furthermore Catalogues of Requirements are available for two main cooperation partners: