European Cancer Centre Certification Programme

Health Service Research

Health Service Research

What is Health Service Research?

Health Services Research is "a multidisciplinary research area that describes health care services and their context [...], that studies the implementation of new health care concomitantly and that evaluates the effectiveness of new health care structures and processes under routine conditions." (Pfaff, 2003, originally in German, translation carried out by DKG). Health Services Research is thus essential in further developing the care of cancer patients.

Health Services Research in certified centres

Certified cancer centres are well suited to conduct (health services) research, providing various uniform documentation standards (indicator sheet, quality indicators, clinical cancer registry) and an infrastructure that enables research (cf Inter-institutional requirement for study participation). The data collected during certification are regularly published in the annual reports. In addition to the annual reports in German and English, analyses on specific topics are published in scientific journals. Furthermore, the department of certification initiates or takes part in research projects in collaboration with universities and other partners.


You can find a list of all on-going and past health service research projects on the website of the German Cancer Society by using this link.

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